Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vark, it's an aardvark

Apart from the fact that it is an awkward name to pronounce the website's promise is amazingly reasonable. Similar to Yahoo answers it is a 'post question online get answer from the masses' service, but unlike Yahoo it filters it by only asking your social network. Instead of getting spam and batshit insane answers with few making any sense or being moderately reasonable from random people you get it from your friends, or friends' friends, and so on. Give aardvark a try I say, if nothing else just to feel the excitement of tapping into the power of collective subconscious for persistent questions. It says you usually get an answer in at least five minutes.


FML is a great site where you can read about the misadventures of other people and feel glad you're not them, and decide whether they deserved it or not by voting. It picks you right up if you are feeling like you are withering away with existential pain that scorches your very soul into a fiery pyre of hopelessness.

Secret of Monkey Island Remake goes well with cookies

Monkey Island remake is a mot a mot remake of the original, only with fancier graphics. Talk about milking the cow.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Russian Fallout Game: Radiation Never Tasted So Good

Words are unnecessary, it is simply awesome.

With great beard comes great responsibility

Behold This Swarthy Face from Room5Films on Vimeo.

There is a lot clinging to the manhood's most important facial feature apart from yesterday night's soup croutons and morning breakfast's encrusted omelette remains: Virility, wisdom, confidence, determination, ideological fixations, intellectuality, and so on and so forth.

A beardless century had us passed by thanks to the ludicrous advent ironically named 'democracy' which required gentlemen to be well shaved in order to show their submissiveness to the norms of the society. Beard wearers were marked as cultural oddities, derelicts, revolutionaries, people who do not have enough money to buy hyper expensive shaving creams and apparatus, and other belittling and sometimes outright derogatory stereotypes. Beardless men were portrayed as objects of desire for women, successful businessmen, a pillar to the community, philanthropists, fertile beasts endowed with a more than average breeding organ. They fitted in the idea of a perfect and less complicated world.

This was the promise of the beardless age: obey every whim of the society or you will be cast out; throw your ideals, conform to achieve the privilege of being a slave, obey to others whimsical ideologies, shave it for the sake of getting laid, sell your soul for a job, fake respect from your peers, and a stale marriage.

Unfortunately it still is a beardless century but now people are realizing the truth that will save us from our shackles: with great beard comes great responsibility.