Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moleskine: A trendy artist's passage to manhood

Moleskine is good. Dare I say, I possess one myself. My pen dances on it like an expensive whore on silken sheets. But let us cast the quality of the product aside. Let us reassess the fact that I have been seeing the thing in the hands of every other clueless twat with enough money to spend on an expensive notebook. That including me. But let us cast aside that it is a trend item. Let us reassess the fact that some people have been putting the 'legendary' notebook to good use. Let us reassess the fact that the above mentioned good use can be exemplified by the following website where people do actually put scans of their 'skine books. Almost inspirational if you will...

detritus back in business.

That's right folks, after an abrupt yet necessary pause, the blog that dives deep in the massive collective consciousness to harvest the rarest and the most succulent barnacles which grow out of the boiling hot water and mineral spewing chimneys and seaweed that grows on the coasts of the underwater saline lake where microscopic life forms squiggle their ways with unprecedented grace which one can only look at with genuine awe as if looking at unicorns eating placenta discarded by mothers who recently birthed their sons and daughters or hermaphroditic individuals and other oddities... I do not really know where I am going with this metaphor, yet the message is clearer than ideological fixations of a Conservative mindset: the blog is back and will be updated every two days.