Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rockabilly: Japanese Style

There is not much for me to tell.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Interesting Conversation: Sans Alpha, Sans Omega

[eidola: pathosformel]

...I am predisposed to like things...I suppose, there is value in them...

Why do you even like things? Why do you even bother, enjoying, appreciating? It is, in essence, conservationism, against progress; you are a progressive minded person... Would it not be so much better if you helped the natural process? You are just postponing the inevitable.

What do you mean?

You know, ...destruction, rust, entropy. Might as well go with it, instead of running against the stream like a horny fish; unlike it, you have a choice.

Do I?

I think so. In a sense. Is it not the whole point with your kind being special, beloved, sentient, and all that? You have a choice to live in the bliss offered by the knowledge that your actions are inconsequential, that your affections are void of any true value; when the sack is void, so is the burden. The fish, on the other hand, will be always burdened, with a heavy determination, which will never pay off. It will disappear, blind, having never been offered to understand.

You are quite the devil, I thought you would lure my mind with promises, and entrap with unforeseeable effects of my desires, the whole Faust deal...

Officium non facit reum nisi actuum sint rea. My title is inconsequential, my acts..., they are at best neutral. It is just that, well, it works faster for some souls if you throw in riches, erotica, and fame.

What do you get out of it then?

Nothing really, there is no divine bet or rebellion, I am just a force, consequence without much cause, I get what gravity gets out of gravitating things at things....