Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Singularity is a funny subject. It is the dark monolith through which our minds cannot project to imagine what lies beyond, and some say it is not so far away. Nevertheless the youtube bit is fairly fun to watch and entertaining. It is a redo of the classic "I am the very model of a modern major general" by Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. Enjoy. (you might need to squint a bit to read the subtitles)

The original is equally fun to

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Benni Hemm Hemm

Apart from the fact that most nordic languages are cursed with liberally scattered letters and they sound as if the speakers are stuck in a limbo of constant coitus I find them on occasion to be very entertaining. Please enjoy this particular song which is quite enjoyable. Or else.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anime Source

"Have a nice new year, and enjoy this stupidly long chart."

For us anime enthousiasts getting your hands on the newest, slickest, coolest anime is an act of securing your status in this vicious sub-cultural clique. Either that or we are just eager to get our next fix of animated drama, violence, and intricate storylines that you'd except from a Victorian era romance novel. (...Dare I say, when Mr. Jenkins was left with nothing on him, but his top hat, the heart warming light emanating from the sooting gas lamp glistened, nay, slid off of his well waxed moustache and muttonchops...) Hence I present to you a decent source of all there is to come this winter. What to expect, and all that... Apart from the questionable name of the blog itself, it has very decent information and is worth a visit. I implore thee to click on this very link.


"This wiki is a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. We dip into the cauldron of story, whistle up a hearty spoonful and splosh it in front of you to devour to your heart's content."

Internet is full of wonderful little things, trivial musements, on which you can waste precious heartbeats. TvTropes is not one of them. It is of the ruling class, an indisputable blue blood, one of the greatest blackhole of attention that I came across and managed to survive. Be it you are semi curious about everything there is about story telling, or that you just wanted to find what's the deal with a certain plot in an obscure movie/series/anime, it will grapple your yearning interest and consume hours without you noticing it.

Fine Art of the Week

Pathosformel's flickr account is ripe with eye pleasing goodness. It is worth a check given that you are willing to follow the link.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Music as Relationship

"Muse gave you a mediocre handjob and then shat the bed"

Tweeter firing up your creativity: here's a possibilty I never weighed probable. Still this particular personnage who happens to have a fairly "funny because it's true" insight, apparently transformed his postings into a list of most drole nature. Here it is. The link.

Mummies, Japanese Ones.

"Lurking in the halls of Buddhist temples and museums across Japan are a host of monster mummies — the preserved remains of demons, mermaids, kappa, tengu, raij┼ź, and even human monks. Here are a few remarkable specimens for the adventurous and brave at heart."

Pinktentacle, a fair and well fitting blog about Japan, and things of that nature has a nice article about Japanese mummies. Apparently similar to circus oddities genre instead of contenting multiheaded fetii laid in formeldehyde, Japanese decided to fabricate mummies of demonic nature as well as aquatic. Please follow the link to the pinktentacle article.

Decline of Music

We have come a long way. Internet, social equality, and all, you see. It probably went all wrong somewhere along the way with the thing of giving power to the masses though. This post is here to remind us. Just kidding, things were shit back then too. Or maybe not... That, and the first semi intelligent youtube comment I have seen in a decade. Either that or I am losing sanity. Nevertheless fantastic music.

YellowBlaze Tattoo

"Shige of Yellow Blaze Tattoo in Yokohama, Japan, has emerged as one of the foremost tattooers in the world, not just of the Japanese style, but of all styles."

I do not really care much about tattoos except when they are actually impressive as in not in the likeness of any popular mark (e.g. bacon, reddit, hadoken, britney spears, butttop tribal, etc..), and not in the form of any foreign scripture, and not in, well, any form but something like what you see in this picture. These tattoos make me wanna be a Yakuza harlot.

It is true that years will make the best tattoo look like a wrinkled old comic book, however with tattoos like these we are talking dedication and a fond reminder of how much of a badass you were, and you still might be. Follow the link to appreciate body art.