Sunday, October 18, 2009

Felix the Cat.

It's the slickest cat ever, reanimated for the sake of rather sulky music, raspy voice, and who knows what else. The video is an eerie eye opener and makes you want to say: "holy fuck, it's trippy in those times yo..." In case you didn't get the cartoon, it's a way of telling little children that all the girls that you will ever love are needy, attention hogging leeches that will suck you dry and the only remedy is to rip them apart from your life.

Samurai Champloo?

Nope, not really, but from the same guy who did the music: Jun Seba. Japanese, dj, producer, jazz-man, a concoction that often ends in pure awesome. The kind of stuff that makes you go blind if you sniff at it too much. Anyhow, Nujabes, fantastic video and mellow hip-hop. Apparently owner of the Hydeout production company too. Savor.

Edit: another song, from the Hydeout productions, rather promising.