Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anime Source

"Have a nice new year, and enjoy this stupidly long chart."

For us anime enthousiasts getting your hands on the newest, slickest, coolest anime is an act of securing your status in this vicious sub-cultural clique. Either that or we are just eager to get our next fix of animated drama, violence, and intricate storylines that you'd except from a Victorian era romance novel. (...Dare I say, when Mr. Jenkins was left with nothing on him, but his top hat, the heart warming light emanating from the sooting gas lamp glistened, nay, slid off of his well waxed moustache and muttonchops...) Hence I present to you a decent source of all there is to come this winter. What to expect, and all that... Apart from the questionable name of the blog itself, it has very decent information and is worth a visit. I implore thee to click on this very link.

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